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Attention Florida Condo Building Managers!

On May 26, 2022, Senate Bill 4D was signed into effect by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis establishing a statewide structural inspection program, requiring Condominium and Cooperative Associations to conduct Milestone Structural Inspections of their buildings that are three stories or more in height. Whether you are familiar with the building inspection process or this experience is new to you and you require guidance—UES can help. Not only can we help you navigate the new legislation but our licensed engineers and architects can conduct any inspections that you require.



By drilling soil borings, collecting field data, and processing lab tests, our Engineers can provide clients with geotechnical reports that clearly depict a property's subsurface conditions and allow for informed decisions to be made regarding viability, risk, and development cost. 


CMT is at the heart of every construction project. UES ensures compliance with approved construction practices, project plans, and specifications.  Our highly-skilled, certified technicians provide assurance that your projects will be built per the highest of quality standards.


UES' knowledgeable inspectors help our clients navigate the complex world of code compliance through on-site inspections, plan review, and even staff augmentation if needed.


UES provides sound, expert solutions in both the public and private sectors that aid our clients in navigating environmental liabilities and regulatory compliance issues. As a recognized leader in environmental consulting services, UES possesses the vast resources and technically-proficient experts capable of protecting your assets and promoting sustainability throughout your community.


Our industrial hygienists and certified instructors take the safety and well-being of your employees, building occupants, and customers very seriously. Be it through education, OSHA training, or highly specialized testing, our in-house health experts deliver cost-effective consulting services meant to minimize your exposure to chemical, biological, and physical health hazards.


A comprehensive understanding of a property's condition can be the difference between a viable investment and an expensive affair. Whether it's a new or existing building, our building envelope professionals can work with architects during the design phase to mitigate systems conflicts or with building managers to ensure efficient energy usage or to create a plan that services the property's essential components, such as the roof.

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