Strategic Partnerships

The Start of Something Meaningful

Each one of the UES companies has its own story. A solitary man and his truck in pursuit of a better future, a partnership struck between two friends and penned on a napkin, a desire to fill a void in an industry that lacked innovation—the unique beginnings of the companies that make up UES are more than just dates on a timeline.

Their origins not only tell the story of when they were created but why they were created. Each of them, despite not knowing it at the time, was answering the same call to create a new standard of customer experience. Now, as we grow together across the nation, pushing the boundaries of what was once believed to be impossible, we remain irrevocably united by our passion for serving with the same client-focused spirit that these companies were built upon.

Who We Are

We are a national network of market-leading blue-chip engineering, geotechnical, environmental, inspection and testing firms. We provide innovative cost-effective solutions from preliminary investigations through to the final completion of your project, with the highest level of integrity and personal attention and an unparalleled network of construction quality assurance firms.

What it Means to Partner with Us

  • Partnership with a great team
  • Resources, talent & network the relationship brings to a new partner
  • Economies of scale on procurement
  • Engineering acumen at a national level
  • Widespread geographical coverage for your national clients
  • Better healthcare at a lower cost for your employees
  • Financial de-risking
  • Access to cost-effective capital for major purchases
  • Better/more cost-effective capital
  • Bid on larger projects

Our Value Proposition

If you’re a one-of-a-kind, type business owner and you have a well-run growing business with similar services to our brands, we want to talk to you about joining our family of companies.

Joining our family of companies will be beneficial in many ways.

A GREATER SHARE OF THE PROFITS | You would not only participate in the profit of your company, but you will now participate in the capital appreciation of your partner firms in some of the hottest markets in the country.

GREATER RESOURCES AT YOUR DISPOSAL | You will have unlimited resources and support to grow your business.

GREATER OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR TEAM | You will create significant opportunities for advancement for your valued team.

GREATER LIQUIDITY FOR YOU & PARTNER COMPANIES | You will create significant liquidity for you and all your equity partners while still maintaining significant ownership.

GREATER POWER TOGETHER THAN ALONE | You still operate your business as you have before the transaction, but now you will have a partner creating economies of scale when purchasing benefit packages, insurance, equipment, legal, accounting and so many other overhead items.

Capital Investment

We explore a spectrum of investment options that – with our operating expertise, professional network, and capital – possess the opportunity for a greater reward through both revenue and profit expansion.

We are an opportunistic growth investor looking to partner with incredible management teams of engineering businesses.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our management team is made up of experienced engineers and investment professionals that have a deep understanding and expertise in the engineering services space.

We use business intelligence and data to help drive strategic solutions and decisions.

Leverage our powerful network of like-minded professionals and companies because together we can perform better than ever.


We leverage the experience of our management team and your company's core competencies to take your business to the next level.

  • Let us help you chart the course forward
  • Expand and grow core businesses
  • Expand your current offerings
  • Leverage the core complementary services of your sister companies
  • Tap into our network to extend your service offerings
  • Help guide the board and plan for the future ahead
  • Review and implement quality business protocols and process
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Restructuring and turnaround strategies


Gary Elzweig

Gary H. Elzweig, PE, SI, F. ASCE



Mr. Elzweig is a graduate of Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the States of Florida and Colorado with 45 years of experience in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, real estate development, engineering, design, construction, and business start-ups. In addition, Mr. Elzweig has met the requirements for designation as a Fellow with the American Society of Civil Engineers (“ASCE”), registration by the Structural Engineering Certification Board (“SECB”), by the State of Florida as a Special Inspector, Standard Building Inspector and Radon Measurement Specialist.

Business History:   For the last forty-five years, Mr. Elzweig has enjoyed the challenges of successfully managing and building national engineering and technology-based businesses. In 2019, Mr. Elzweig opted to start again and returned to doing what he enjoys most, growing independent engineering businesses that focus on client service. Consequently, Mr. Elzweig along with his longtime partner, Palm Beach Capital, started Obsidian Group Holdings, LLC, currently operating as Universal Engineering Sciences, an engineering industry roll-up. Serving as the Company’s President, Mr. Elzweig led the acquisition and growth strategy for the firm which has completed 17 deals in the last 32 months and has exceeded $420 million in revenue in 2021. Universal Engineering Sciences was voted the #1 fastest growing Engineering firm in the United States by the Zweig Group. Recently, Mr. Elzweig, Mike Burke and Palm Beach Capital recapitalized the firm with Byron Trott of BDT capital on 31August2021. Mr. Elzweig is continuing with the firm as its Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. 

Additionally, Mr. Elzweig led the reorganization of Quality Built, a national Third-Party Risk Management Solutions firm. Mr. Elzweig also oversaw and guided the acquisition and integration of West Coast Property Consultants into Quality Built in December 2011. 

In 2002, Mr. Elzweig opened Code Administration, Plans Review & Inspection Services, Inc. (CAPRI Engineering) a structural engineering, inspection, and construction materials testing firm with an aggressive business plan and handful of determined employees.  Three years later, CAPRI‘s annual revenues exceeded $50 Million with 16 offices and in excess of 400 employees nationwide. 

Mr. Elzweig started his first venture back in 1984, a large regional engineering firm called PEICO with six Florida regions. After successfully merging PEICO into USLB, Mr. Elzweig held executive responsibility, influenced strategic corporate decisions for all USLB subsidiaries which included thirty offices nationwide and 750+ employees; all while continuing to serve as PEICO’s CEO and President. 

Innovations: Mr. Elzweig lobbied the Florida legislature and the construction industry and was instrumental in passing Florida Statute §553.791, Florida’s Private Provider Law whereby developers and builders can elect to use privately licensed inspectors and plans examiners as an alternative to using traditional municipal channels.  

Awards:  Mr. Elzweig has been named as “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” for the State of Florida by Ernst & Young.  The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) annual award honors entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hard work and perseverance have created and sustained successful, growing business ventures.  Candidates must possess outstanding qualities in entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, strategic direction, community and global impact, innovation, personal integrity, and influence.

Professional Affiliations: Serving as a valuable resource to the design and construction industry, Mr. Elzweig is a Board Member with Columbia University’s Engineering Council (Emeritus) and is the past Chairman of the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals, as well as past Chairman of their Structural Committee.  Mr. Elzweig is actively involved with the Florida Engineering Society and was their representative on the Governors Building Construction Permitting and Inspection Task Force.  Mr. Elzweig is also an active member with the FBI’s Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association.

Statement of Qualifications

Portfolio of Companies

  • Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.
  • Aries Consultants, LLC
  • McGinley & Associates, Inc.
  • Geotek Engineering Company, Inc.
  • GFA International, Inc.
  • Nova Geotechnical and Inspection Services, LLC
  • Contour Engineering, LLC
  • IQC Southwest, LLC
  • Wallace-Kuhl & Associates
  • Quality Control Consultants, Inc.
  • Construction Testing and Engineering, Inc.
  • IQC Southwest, Inc.
  • Summit Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, Inc.
  • GEOServices, LLC
  • Geotechnology, LLC
  • Alpha Testing, LLC
  • GSI Engineering LLC
  • Rock Engineering and Testing Laboratory
  • Dan Brown and Associates
  • Speedie and Associates